It is very difficult to change a mindset shaped in Vietnamese coffee drinking culture, everyone understands this, because Robusta coffee blends, with condensed milk (black ice or brown stone) already exists. hundred years here. If we want to talk about change, we can hope for the younger generation later, but if we don’t do anything,

Most of us (7x, 8x, and 9x generations) were born and only conscious of dark roast coffee that existed around us, until there was “the third wave ” in the relationship to coffee specialty with many lines of light – medium roast coffee, people have just started to compare and look more and more about

If there is a place for coffee lovers like me or like you when you stop on your first day in Osaka, that’s “Melychan House”. I have pressed their “follow” button on instagram for a long time, but only when I arrived in Japan, Osaka, did I have a chance to follow the directions of

There was a friend in the company who said, “That’s turn out… I think Highland is still better than Vietnamese coffee”, others say “good coffee is because I drink it, I like it”, someone said “Just please enjoy coffee, why do you have to write about it so much? …etc. Maybe they are right too, coffee

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Coffee is an area where there are very few books and documents about it in the market. The reason is partly because the field is “not really” there are many things to write into many different types of books, partly due to the investment in learning techniques of roasting, espresso quite expensive, so no one


It is not difficult to describe the influence of espresso in today’s coffee world, especially with Italian-style cafes with espresso-based drinks like latte, americano, cappuccino, etc. Such the coffee pubs like that, nothing more especially by starting with a cup espresso than any drinks.


Knowing coffee and studying coffee culture in the US also means what I know about the things that make an American coffee culture, and until you have the coffee bag brought from America I just learned more about Philadelphia. Perhaps like the coffee culture in Philadelphia, Miamy is much more powerful than Hanoi and this

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After the internet community appeared an article about the recent “brewing coffee” trend, I suddenly recalled the first days I brought arabica coffee to the office. At that time, people still had the habit of drinking instant coffee, or at the very least, going to Doi Can street to order a glass of “brown stone”.