Things can change with Coffinized. When melodic death is slowly lacking in quality albums, The Absence is back with an amazingly good album. The classic atmosphere of The Gallery or Slaughter Of The Soul is excellently reproduced by The Absence. Exciting, throbbing, fast-paced guitar with many imprints of heavy metal. Doom’s sad and tired intros

In 2020, two one man projects, Spectral Lore and Mare Cognitum, together released a split album called Wanderers: Astrology of the Nine. Still, the cosmic theme isn’t too unfamiliar with atmospheric black bands, but this Greco-American duo offers a unique approach. Wanderer is a concept album about nine planets in the solar system. The special

Blightmarch is the debut album of Chainsword, a death metal band from Poland. A beautiful colorful cover, with music to match the visuals. Chainsword did not hide the effects of Bolt Thrower on him. Old school death has a war theme. The guitar riff is cold and brutal. Accompanied by the tremolo of black metal