Honestly, although I have known Wayfarer for a long time, because of the aversion to American post/atmospheric black, I haven’t heard it until now. And I regret not knowing them sooner. The album cover clearly shows Wayfarer’s music. Black metal has a Western theme. Unlike the romantic and somewhat “knight” images, the history of the

Whenever there’s an album that deals with history or literature, art is my long-winded illness that gets triggered. Refer to the mems. Do you mind if besides the album review, there are also things around the album that are rambling about? Laptev is the coast of the Arctic Ocean of Russia. It is located in

Sometimes, divisions are the source of new successes. That’s true of the Negura Bunget. In 2006, the black metal band from Romania released OM, a bombshell that hit the black metal scene. The combination of atmospheric black. Progressive rock and Folk give OM an irresistible charm. Negura Bunget quickly became the cult name of underground