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“Panduranga Letters” Concert in 2022

Harumu warmly invites you to join us for our final event for 2020 – an event that will feature a film screening and a conversation with artist Nguyen Thinh Thi to celebrate the installation-like piece “Landscape #4″Improving the World”. “ will be held at NOUS-Hall until September 10, 2021. 

The program included a showing of Trinh Thi’s film “Panduranga Letters’ (2015) and an open dialogue with the filmmaker and audience as well as two special guests: the artist Son X and Doctor of Literature Tran Ngoc Hieu. .

In the course of the presentation, Trinh Thi will share with the audience her method of creating “Landscape #4: Improving the World’ and her other landscape paintings, such as “Panduranga Letters” (2015). . Guest: Professor of Literature Tran Ngoc Hieu will share his views about the depiction of landscape/landscapes in Nguyen Thinh Thi’s film and artist Nguyen Son will speak about the use of music and sound in the practice of film and motion picture installations.

The conversation will be conducted in Vietnamese.
Admission is free. You must sign up on the day of the event.

The guests’ names:

Tran Ngoc Hieu:

Doctor of literature, with a major with Literary Theory, currently a professor at Hanoi National University of Education. His main research interests include literary theory and contemporary Vietnamese literature and the literature of comparative studies. He is the writer of numerous specialized papers and is the translator of many research articles, published in professional journals: Journal of Literary Research, Journal of Foreign Literature and Journal of Culture and Arts. art.

Tran Ngoc Hieu is Co-author of this chapter “Listening the Nature of Nature Reframing on the Past The Art of Understanding the Representation of Forests and Rivers in Post-War Vietnamese Literature” in the book “Ecological critique of Southeast Asia: Theory Praxis, Perspectives, and Theory” written by John Charles Ryan.

NguyenXuan Son (stage Name SonX):

SonX graduated from musical composition (1986-1990) as well as painting (2002-2007) at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema. SonX has composed music for a variety of well-known Vietnamese productions, such as The Prayer Song (2000), The Han Dynasty and the Rain Vol.1 (2011), The Han Dynasty and the Rain Vol.2 (2005), The Bay (2005). The Bay (2005).) The white Body (2009) choreographer Ea Sola; Life in a Box (2007) choreographer Tran Lyly and How long does it takes for rains to begin falling (2003) directed by Doan Minh Phuong. His work has been exhibited in theaters and museums across the globe, including: Broken Fairy (2015), Vietnamese Sound Culture Past and Present (2015), Sigh (2016), Two Lady Nguyet Co (2018).

About the film ‘Panduranga Letters'”:

The film is created by the correspondence between two of their acquaintances who are both filmmakers. The film takes the viewer on a exploration to consider and consider the uses of portraiture and landscape art and documentary, and anthropology as ways of thinking to art and film, and the their limitations in gaining access to diverse peoples, cultures, and the perspectives of others as well as exploring the past and historical.

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