“Radial Storm” Greatness in tiny seeds

An Contemporary Dance Show “Radial Storm” will be shown in public view for the very first time. This is a joint venture that is a collaboration between Harumu as well as the Japan Cultural Exchange Center in Vietnam with the assistance by 4B organization, NAGOYA Studio and Saigonthink.

The title of the performance “Radial Storm” storms wreak havoc on the human understanding about natural catastrophes, epidemics, and the like. choreographer and artistic director Vu Ngoc Khai offers his perspective on the source to the tune. The life, the wholeness and the greatness are hidden within a tiny seed. Inspiring from what transpired in 2020, and the connection between humankind and Mother Earth was also referred to in detail by the man.

“Does humanity share all burden of environmental destruction, or does it just happen to the universe to exist and then die? We are hoping to help save Earth however, humans are protecting themselves. Humanity is not innocent when it is sucking up thirsty for enjoyment , and must be the one to pay for it with natural disasters and epidemics. Anyone can take action to keep humanity safe from the consequences of changing minor habits of daily life.”

In addition, “Radial Storm” (the image of the stone being thrown over the lake in order to create concentric circles) emphasizes the importance of bonding among family members and the importance of parents. in caring for and loving your children correctly. The results of the success and happiness in our society have transformed people into zombies and robots which have led them to lose the ability to connect with others as they lose their ability to truly connect with their loved ones.

Through the contemporary dance language, paired in live performance and visual art, “Radial Storm” offers the audience a colorful outdoor art venue. The performers will lead audiences through different emotions as they touch the mysterious small corner of everyone’s decision to be happy; or break it in the endurance for Mother Nature for people; or the pleasure of being in the moment.

The free tickets will be available for online on November  27th, 2022.

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