“A night from 1011 to 2022” concert 2022 – Dong Kinh Folk Music

The math numbers are cold. However, there are numbers that can help you contemplate and recollect deeply in private thoughts about shared memories, of a community. 2021 will be the year when humans’ history, according to the Common Calendar has just turned twenty years into this millennium. Like Thang Long citadel is over 1000 years old. 

Similar to a city which is modern and still steeped in tradition the music industry in Vietnam has seen the interplay between traditional as well as traditional songs. Contemporary in the past few years. Traditional music has been part of the cultural lives of Vietnamese people through the years by the way in which Vietnamese people have maintained their culture and identity from the beginning of time. Based on the method of composition “using texts to preserve knowledge and the sound of music to communicate memories” The close relationship between sound and words has been a distinct characteristic of Vietnamese music culture.

Music night 1011-2021 on L’Espace stage will show the space in which music and poetry are one like a way to recreate the traditional way of music-making in Vietnamese poetry dating back to in the Ly – Tran dynasties. . Traditional dance that is mixed to the beat of musical instruments as well as the modern sounds of Vietnamese music The performances of traditional music and instrumental solos will produce diverse levels of emotion. The memories of a millennium-old Thang Long will be recreated by the harmony of poems that date back to in the Ly – Tran dynasties and modern Vietnamese music works.

Dong Kinh The music, which is as its name implies is full of nostalgic that is reminiscent of a flourishing time in the culture, and is infused with a national identity. Since the group’s inception the group has been continually experimenting and trying to bring traditional music with a more refined and more contemporary look. The group’s shows Dong Kinh Co Nhac recreates the old space for music performances with no audio amplifiers. With the skillful hand of these masters of Vietnamese tradition, the ancient instruments like beat set, string lute rice drum, the chau drum, erhu, and Dan bau, one after one, play as the background. Traditional music that a lot of Vietnamese nowadays seem to have lost. Traditional music makes listeners feel as if they are within a traditional environment within the capital.

Hanoi New Music Ensemble is the first contemporary chamber music professional organization in Vietnam. The group was established in the year 2015, with the intention to present Vietnamese modern music to people both in the United States and internationally The group’s music is composed by current Vietnamese composers. With guidance and assistance by international and local experts in music Hanoi New Music Ensemble will soon be an ambassador of culture and promote Vietnamese modern music with foreign friends. economic. In the coming concert, Hanoi New Music Ensemble will be performing the music from the book “Five Elements” composed by legendary musician Vu Nhat Tan, who has been the leader of the group from the beginning. With the skilled and talented professional members professional artists who have also served as long-time lecturers at the Vietnam National Academy of Music The performances of the group are always distinctive and fresh. They will surely delight those who love music.

The presence of two musical groups that have influences from two different eras The traditional and contemporary Vietnamese music night 1011-2021 is sure to be uplifting for the crowd. The musical train that is infused with time will delight anyone who has been captivated by Vietnamese music.

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