“Improving the World” concert – a music night for friends

Harumu.com would like to invite you to a special evening of music and conversation with R’Cham Tih as well as Ksor Sep, the two Jrai singers who are the main performers in the audio and video installations. “Landscape #4: Improving the World”, a work written by musician Nguyen Trinh Thi is being held at the Manzi PUB, located at 2. Hang Bun street. 

There is a limited number of seats available So, make sure to sign up at the registration page.
Minimum contribution of 10$ is due prior to the program begins. All donations will go directly to artists.

The title is ‘Am I a sound who imagines that is a sound or are I a sound who wants to be an individual? This concert offers an opportunity that is not often available for Hanoi viewers to listen and discover more about the traditional culture in the mountains. Two artists , R’Cham Tih Ksor Sep and R’Cham Tih Ksor Sep will perform traditional Jrai instruments like k’ni, the t’rung, ting ning …, singing hri telling Khan (epic) along with speak to the crowd.


R’Cham Tih

The family was raised and born within Jut Village, la Der commune, Ia Grai district, Gia Lai province, R’cham Tih has been a craftsman who has been making and playing music instruments from the Central Highlands since childhood. He has the ability to play fluently and play a variety of instruments from in the Central Highlands such as Ting Ning K’ni, K’ni and T’rung. He also plays the K’loong Put. Tih is a fan of traditional instruments to the point that he’s been able to name his sons after instruments. He has put in a lot of efforts in the preservation, preservation and creating traditional music from Jrai along with of the Central Highlands, a teacher-artist who is always willing to teach the art of teaching to the younger generation of the region.

Ksor Sep

Growing up in Brel village in Ia Grai district, Gia Lai province. Ksor Sep began in telling Khan (epic) while Singing Hri in the age group of fifteen. In the past, Jrai folk sang Hri as well as were told about Khan after a long and hard labor at the fields. Today, there are just few people who perform Hri and tell epic tales as before. Ksor Sep is likely to be the only person in his village that can remember and recount the epic. Uncle Sep is a man with exceptional oral memory, and has a wealth of Jrai local knowledge. Unfortunately, since the village is no longer practicing rituals that are traditional and customs, Uncle Sep is no longer able to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to sit down and sip a drink, and share with the stories of the villager’s family like prior to.

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