Kvaen – The Funeral Pyre (2022)

Kvaen is one of the most exciting surprises the year that I’ve had. One-man project that popped up from the air with the classic black/death thing that I hadn’t heard in a while with such a wonderful new album.
It’s a great drink. Funeral Pyre is like a fantastic beer. From the moment you take your first sip of Revenge by Fire, all the flavors swell into every person’s taste buds. Jakob Bjornfot, the founder of Kvaen, was a member of The Duskfall and it’s no surprise that his sound on guitar offers a wide range of shades of Swedish Melodic Death. Riff is swift, clear and violent, yet lovely and soft. The melodies never cease. It’s a perfect start to the day. is reminiscent of the great songs that are Dissection and Amon Amarth.
The tracks that follow continue to pull listeners into the raging waves of the melodie. Tremolo guitar speed, liberal. The chorus is powerful thrilling and refreshing. Kvaen created a magnificent huge dark space filled with majestic monsters, epic battles. A place filled with death, destruction and glory.
Jakob does not intend to create something special. He is simply recapturing the essence of Nordic beautiful black death. A gentle, subtle intro and steady pace, epic battle atmosphere, gorgeous music, and captivating instrumentals. The entire album passed in the quick blink of an eye. It was all perfect, normal.
I couldn’t resist mentioning the cover. Simple, yet elegant and beautiful. It’s a must-listen for anyone who enjoys music that is melodic and deathly.


01. Revenge By Fire

02. Yee Naaldlooshii

03. The Funeral Pyre

04. Septem Peccata Mortalia

05. The Wolves Throne

06. As We Serve The Masters Plan

07. Bestial Winter

08. Hymn To Kvenland

Band Info


Genre: Melodic Black/Death

Nation: Sweden

Album: The Funeral Pyre

Year: 2020



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