“M’ SEGU” Live Concert – ideas from the culture workshop

“M SEGU” is a collaborative performance with contemporary hip hop, dance theater jazz the beauty of individuality and an individual story and also the connection of subtle vibrations, connections, sympathies by weaving stories from all over the world various colors of life are present in every minute. 

Do Hoang Thi Ngoc is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Kinergie Studio. After graduating in the Vietnam Dance School, when he was still the primary acting troupe at Vietnam National Opera and Ballet Then he studied and collaborated with the renowned French choreographer Regine Chopinot as part of the French-Vietnamese arts cooperation program. . The dance group +84 Do Hoang Thi Ngoc and two other friends were once recognized as the most popular troupe of dancers in Vietnam.

Kinergie Studio is a dance studio created by dancers Do Hoang Thi Ngoc and Tran Hoang Long, with the goal of bringing modern ballet and dance closer to the public through classes, workshopsand performances. as well as collaborate together with Vietnamese and international artists from around the world. Kinergie Studio is not only an area for people in the community to study and share their love of art, but also an opportunity to develop the talents of young artists, with fresh and exciting projects and ideas.

Since its creation on the 14th of July the year 2014 Kinergie Studio has created several unique dance choreographies as well as actively contributing to the growth of a society that appreciates and understands not just ballet and contemporary dance as well as more generally contemporary and performing arts in Vietnam.

Kim is a dancer who is independent located within Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, former leader of La Difference. Kim’s style is a blend of Hip-Hop/Popping knowledge with different genres, particularly contemporary dance and performing art. He was awarded numerous prizes in Hiphop and was a part of numerous performances at Hanoi New Music Festival 2018. Hanoi New Music Festival 2018, Planet Warming Up” (performed by Good Morning Vietnam, Krossing Over Arts Festival 2019 “Tremplin” Contest (2019). ) [UNDERWATER] x TKG, SUNRISE EXHIBITION (2019) Jo-Joajcx and Alec Schacner and Duy Rua, Heritage Space (2019), “METHOD” H2Q Art, (2019).

Abnormal Conceptz was established at the end of 2018 comprising 9 members from different dance styles and perspectives, all with the same passion and enthusiasm for Hip Hop and the desire to help and grow their own Hip community. Hop Vietnam grows, expands and is shoulder-to-shoulder with other nations. Two participants in the production are young musicians who have won numerous prizes within Hip hop including Nguyen Do Quoc Khanh (First Prize Dance Y’All 2.0, Wassup Sister Showcase 21st The First Countdown …) as well as Tran Minh Quang (First prize). Hiphop summer style 2nd prize bulldog on the fire 2vs2 …)

Linh An is the co-founder of Theater Dance Vietnam with many training events, workshops, choreography, and other activities to promote this art form in Vietnam. The theater/broadway jazz she studied in the Broadway Dance Center, New York, USA and Ballet, Tap, Street dance as a choreographer as well as a dancer in numerous projects, including ballet-contemporary Swanning Around in the National Dance Troupe at the Royal Albert Halls & World Expo in Shanghai 2010, 2010. New York Choreographer Forum 2019, in 2019; Memorial Dance Project for the 9/11 Victims The 9/11 Victims Memorial Dance Project Table of Silence, Buglisi Dance Theater at Lincoln Center, New York, 2019 Musical Les Miserables, Vietnam National Opera and Ballet 2020.

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