Album for this month: Coffinized & Shibboleth

Things can change with Coffinized. When melodic death is slowly lacking in quality albums, The Absence is back with an amazingly good album. The classic atmosphere of The Gallery or Slaughter Of The Soul is excellently reproduced by The Absence. Exciting, throbbing, fast-paced guitar with many imprints of heavy metal. Doom’s sad and tired intros pave the way for explosive moments full of strength and refreshment. The epic and dark atmosphere fills the breath of the Gothenburg sound. Coffinized is an album with the classic beauty of Nordic melodic death.
Unfortunately this album is a bit long. The Absence makes for an album that is solid and steady from start to finish but like every previous album, they don’t have the “top” tracks to highlight. That’s why the 50 minute time makes the album a bit tired towards the end. But overall this is still an excellent album by melodic deach in the last few years

Shibboleth is the second album by Ophiuchi, a one man project from South Africa. The album’s content is inspired by Homer’s Odyssey. Basically, Ophiuchi’s music is a combination of Ruins Of Beverast, Tool plus a bit of King Crimson’s experiement prog. Shibboleth is quite weird, distorted but not too hard to hear, suitable for those who like black metal a bit twisted.
The bass on this album is extremely clear and variable, almost playing the role of a guitar. Meanwhile, the guitar transitions from barren and sticky like sludge to clear and sparse like post rock. The atmospheric atmosphere is thick, the rhythm is slow but not annoying. The chants and rhythmic drum beats typical of Ruins Of Beverast add to the mystical mystery of the album. Imprints of jazz and progressive rock are dotted to give Ophiuchi’s doom metal variety and charm.
What I like about this album is that it is quite “light”. Usually experimental bands intentionally create sounds that are quite difficult to hear and frustrating like crazy vocals or painful chaotic sounds. Ophiuchi maintains its atmospheric atmosphere in a mysterious yet relaxed atmosphere. A very easy to listen album

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