Why do you deserve a quality coffee?

In one aspect you may have little interest, but coffee is the second most popular drink and consumed in the World, the number 1 is daily drinking water. Coffee is also the type of commodity traded (trading) and most interested in the World every day. Therefore, factors such as weather, frost, natural disasters, politics in African countries, climate change, etc. are always things that directly affect the coffee industry, from the European countries. Africa, South America to major coffee consuming countries like the US, Japan and Australia.

When you eat or drink something regularly, just like water or food you eat every day, it will affect your health and it is worth your attention, then look for yourself. better quality. So is coffee. Maybe you are uncomfortable with coffee shops serving specialty coffeee by pour over, french press has a high price, about 3-4$ productivity (1-2 glasses), and because you are satisfied with the glasses “Stone brown” having a price 1$, have you ever wondered why? Or if you don’t like coffee, you hate bitter coffee, then I hope that, through your blog, you will give yourself a chance to come up with coffee cups with orange scent and sweet sweet dried fruits in one during your relaxing weekend mornings.

Coffee is not only robusta with arabica, and also not only iced milk coffee (or hot black / ice). In each type of coffee, there are interesting stories behind the process of planting, harvesting and processing. In each country, every farm has its own characteristics, through its coffee making method, until you can take the aromatic coffee package in your hands, you can find whatever flavor you have experienced. experience.

Through every season of coffee with sunshine, dew and rain, farmers on coffee plantations still work hard and improve the quality of plant varieties and coffee beans to ensure the output products are available. best results. Coffee companies from all over the world have also sent their experts to remote areas to help coffee growers. All that effort is to achieve the desire that the process of “farm to cup” be well-developed and sustainable, and that it deserves you to give it certain attention.

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