The specific works that a barista will do daily…

Along with the development of the service sector, the demand for human resources in the industry increased sharply. There are lots of you diverted with the desire to become a professional Barista. However, not everyone knows what a Barista’s job is.

To give you a more objective, comprehensive view of the Barista profession, this article will describe the everyday work of a Barista.

The basic tasks of an employee can be summarized as follows:

Work at the beginning of a shift:

This is the job that starts when you have to do, to make sure everything is adequate and in the best quality to serve the customer.

– Prepare raw materials, recipes and menus.

– Inspection at the beginning of the shift, the application for goods.

– Check the quality of imported goods, as well as all the ingredients in the preparation.

– Handling damaged materials such as fruit.

– Prepare the necessary preparation and standards.

Make the preparation

Get to work on your own, mixing drinks. You will have the following:

– Receive orders and make the dishes as requested.

– Quality assurance: Color, taste, decoration of the dish before serving customers.

– Ensure hygienic cleaning of tools during use and after use.

Cleaning and arranging work areas:

Keep the work area clean. Including: cabinet, shelves, mixing tools, cups, refrigerators, coolers ….

Arrange the equipment neatly, at the right place. Arrange the ingredients neatly.

Along with all employees, Barista is responsible for keeping the work area clean and tidy. This is one of the criteria for evaluating a professional barista and whether your service provider is good or not.

Other duties as assigned by the Manager

In the end, Barista has her own personal tasks but will still do more tasks assigned by her manager. Coordinate with other departments to improve the service. Periodically inspect the equipment in the work area. Reporting when maintenance, maintenance. Report work with management.

Besides, you will communicate with customers, exchange information and bring back your loyal customers.

Above are the specific tasks and also the skills to become a Barista. Nothing is complicated and difficult right? So if you are going to be a professional Barista then do it bravely.

You will find there is a lot of fun doing this job.

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