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Some of common bubble tea, milk tea

With the desire to meet the needs and attract customers, the brand of tea milk has unleashed many unique flavors to confirm their position, this makes users confused with many choices. So in the past, what kind of milk tea has scored with our followers? Now it’s time to look in brief!

Bubble tea
A beverage that was invented in TainanĀ – Taiwan in the 1980s. Bubble tea is formulated with a reasonable ratio of the combination of tea and milk, with black or brown pearls made from cassava flour.

Bubble tea was only very popular in our country in 2007-2008, and quickly formed a fever and is very popular among young people. Although born long ago, but today Bubble tea is still very attractive, because the combination of tea and milk when mixed together to create a delicious taste difficult to resist, accompanied by pearls Brittle brings a sense of fun when enjoying.

In addition to the traditional flavor, Bubble tea has many variations. Normally, the original recipe has not changed much. Experts mix and refine it by creating a variety of unique, unique and nutritious flavors when adding more coffee, cocoa, chocolate or scent. fruit, herbs, cream, cheese …

Cha Yen – Thai milk tea is green or red
This is a drink originated from Thailand, where milk tea is also called father yen. Thai milk tea is popular here and is often served in many restaurants, eateries, cafes … Thai milk tea is one of the dishes you must experience when visiting this country.

Imported into our country for quite a long time, but Thai milk tea is really known to be widely known and loved in the summer of 2014. The reason that Thai milk tea is favorite milk tea is because Special taste attracts the same color blue – red eye. The Thai dairy tea trade has led to a massive search for Thai dairy tea for sale. Thai milk tea is made from Thai herbal teas and herbs, with the perfect combination of delicate, sweet tea mixed with the sweet, greasy flavor of the dish. delicious drinks, fragrant.

Foam Milk
This is one of the delicious milk tea brings a very new flavor, especially for those who enjoy the first time was conquered easily. Milk foam is actually a rich, fatty cream that is coated on milk tea, this unique cream is called macchiato, sea salt, salted cream or cream cheese.

In addition to the taste, the main reason for this milk tea to attract users is the white mustache left on your mouth after enjoying. This adorable mustache has made young people wobble when appearing on social networking sites. So many young people have flocked to learn how to make milk foam milk tea!

In addition to the three types of milk tea in the world of milk tea is still a lot of other unique flavors for us to explore such as Indian herbal tea, grinded milk tea, and new nuts. least.

Another interesting feature that makes these delicate milk teas are your favorite is that it’s simple to do, just a little tricky to do at home with the recipe. share over the internet.

But to make the right kind of milk tea at home, it will require the bartender to have the skills to mix, mix ingredients and know the secrets. Do not be too puzzled because you can accomplish the above factors after participating in the milk tea training class with top experts.

Thanks to the skills and know-how of experts, it is possible to confidently mix delicious home-made teas, even if you rely on the foundation formula to create more flavors. Pearl milk tea more strange.

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