Enjoy hot milk tea on a winter day …

At the end of the year or winter, when the weather starts to chill and everything slows down before the freezing weather. At times like this will not be more wonderful when the party, friends tell each other about the chat or dating him and enjoy a cup of warm milk tea to enjoy the feeling of comfortable.

What is the hot milk tea?
Hot milk tea is a version “late delivery” of the familiar tea milk is loved by many people for so long. Unlike cold milk tea, which is always enjoyed and suitable for any season of the year, hot milk tea is quite favored or a great choice for cold winter days.

With a cup of pure warm milk, the fatty sweet lollipop will quickly help keep the body warm, restore mental state and provide nutrients to the body after a long day of fatigue.

When enjoying a cup of hot tea correctly, you will feel the tea is somewhat darker than conventional milk tea. For example, when hot tea is mixed with green tea, it will notice the slightly bitter taste of tea, but still with a bit of sweetness from milk, so those who like bold tea will love hot milk tea. than.

Limitations of hot milk tea
Because hot milk tea, not diluted with ice, the sweetness of this drink is much stronger. If you do not like sweet, when you mix or order hot tea outside the store, you should note reduced sugar to balance the taste.

During the past time, milk-free milk foamed milk was always on the bestselling list, but when used in conjunction with milk foam hot milk, it was no longer concentrated. In addition, although still maintain the degree of fat, but not as attractive as before because it has dissolved more or less due to the warming properties of hot milk tea.


Strengthen the immune system – prevent disease

With cold weather, there is no better appetizer and more appropriate than a cup of hot tea. Sipping hot milk tea not only helps you feel warm, but also gives you great health benefits, helping you get through the coldest days.

When it gets cold, the immune system begins to weaken, which in turn can easily spread the disease. Therefore, enjoying a cup of hot milk tea will have the ability to support the immune system, good for the digestive system.

Reduce stress

Drinks such as tea and hot coffee are good choices when it’s cold, but they contain too much caffeine. This addiction can lead to anxiety, stress and difficulty sleeping with you. Meanwhile, hot tea tea can help you to moderate the mind, reduce fatigue.

Power Supply

After a long day of work, fatigue or excessive exercise will cause your body to become exhausted. An effective solution to this problem is to drink a glass of hot tea to help you regain energy and feel better.

Water restoration for the body

When you go through exercise, play sports or do heavy work … the body will produce sweat easily lead to dehydration, such times you should drink hot tea will help to rehydrate effectively. and help the body recover.

Note: When using hot milk tea in the case of rehydration, you need to drink slowly, slowly to the body to easily receive the amount of water is compensated.

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