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Soda is used in conjunction with many other ingredients, especially fresh fruits, fruit jams or syrups, they are making of the soda water extremely delicious, refreshing. The cool taste of it will definitely make cool and the burning souls! In the previous article, #cocktailforlove introduced you how to make mint soda cool. Today, we will learn the recipe Blue Ocean Soda cool!

Soda is very familiar, not a drink to the but still be a favorite drink. One of the most popular soda is probably Blue Ocean Curacao soda with deep blue – the famous drink in the Italian soda.

Soda Blue Ocean also has many other names such as Blue Sky soda, Deep Blue Sea soda, Ngoc Bich soda green … and is very popular soda drink soda, because of beautiful ocean blue and cool taste to help bring feelings. Relax and rejuvenate!

Soda Blue Ocean is a refreshing drink, especially effective, with the sour taste of lemon (see how to make lemon tea soda), the sweetness of sugar, the soda in the soda blend with the cooler from Curacao syrup The taste is as cool as the ocean.

Learn how to make Soda Blue Ocean Curacao to bring the vast blue ocean into your home. The formula is so simple that we should not delay this test!

On a hot, sultry day, there is a Soda Blue Ocean glass that feels like it is facing the blue sea

Guide to blending soda blue ocean
Materials needed to make Blue Ocean soda
-10ml Syrup Teisseire Blue Curacao

-20ml Strawberry Syrup Teisseire

-1 fresh lemon

– Leaves

-1 Soda can

How to mix Soda Blue Ocean Curacao cool
Step 1: First you kick the glass.

Step 2: Pour 10ml Syrup Teisseire Blue Curacao into a glass. Then pour 20ml Strawberry Syrup Teisseire into.

Step 3: Slowly pour soda into the glass so that the soda layer is stratified, creating a blue layer to draw the eye at the bottom of the glass.

Step 4: Squeeze the lemon into the glass to make sour sour taste. You can cut a few slices of lemon into a glass and then put on some basil leaves to decorate as well as create fragrance for glasses Soda Blue Ocean.

To enjoy the full flavor of Soda Blue Ocean beautiful ocean blue, you should stir even before drinking. The flavors will blend into each other, sweet and sour sweet bar, sweet smell, sour taste of lemon are very fresh.

Soda Blue Ocean Curacao feels like you are facing the ocean, with cool wind, sea water sparkling. With this formula you spoiled with your friends or especially with your lover.

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