Write for new concepts about dark roast coffee – part 1

Most of us (7x, 8x, and 9x generations) were born and only conscious of dark roast coffee that existed around us, until there was “the third wave ” in the relationship to coffee specialty with many lines of light – medium roast coffee, people have just started to compare and look more and more about the smell and taste of coffee. However, dark roast coffee still has its own place, because of many factors, from history to characteristics and culture of each region in the world. For that reason, today I am writing this article to share my own experiences, about bitter coffee, dark roast coffee.

In the minds of many older people in Vietnam, it is already bitter, must be bold and dark roast robusta is number 1. At some point, robusta dark roast is combined with condense milk will produce a delicious dessert for many people. Drink coffee like a dessert. However, the story of dark roast arabica will have much to say if you really care.

After a long time of exchanging and learning in Vietnamese baristas, as well as asking lecturers about coffee, the history of dark roast is partly due to the early period of coffee trading and transportation. As smooth as it is now, the time for transporting green bean beans is much more than months spent on the sea. As a result, when raw coffee comes to roastery (coffee roasters), its quality is no longer in the freshest and best state. Maybe so, coffee roasters in Europe centuries ago chose a very deep roasting solution.

Besides, with the development of espresso-based coffee culture and brewing, extracting at high temperatures and the need to drink coffee with milk such as cappuccino, latte …. also makes coffee roasters in Italy, Austria, and neighboring countries focus more on roasting profile for dark roast.

The history is so temporary, dark roasted coffee often has a longer roasting time, the amount of sugar in the coffee beans will be burned and caramelized, making the beans turn dark brown and then shiny (shiny, oily surface). Coffee at this time will be less sour and more bitter, as an inevitable. In addition, it is possible, in the old days, people did not like the sourness of coffee.

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