When I enjoy a good cup of coffee, I have to write about it!

There was a friend in the company who said, “That’s turn out… I think Highland is still better than Vietnamese coffee”, others say “good coffee is because I drink it, I like it”, someone said “Just please enjoy coffee, why do you have to write about it so much? …etc. Maybe they are right too, coffee is good or not because of the drinker’s feelings…Well, if you are always happy with a pub right here, near your home as long as from your birth and till by the time you say goodbye to your life… That’s enough.

Honestly, I also had a long time to think so, drinking coffee like that. During the days of living in Nha Trang (from 2005-2006, I worked on a clean water billing software project for Khanh Hoa province), every day I drank coffee. From Me Trang, to Lam Dong, then the office is right next to Vinacafe headquarters, giving me the opportunity to “satisfy” with Nha Trang coffee with condensed milk. The sweet, sweet feeling that doesn’t cause drowsiness makes me have a strong belief in coffee that is thick, sweet and sweet from milk.

Everything changed when I arrived in Bangkok in early 2014, instead of going shopping, I started wandering to find cafes to explain why some foreign colleagues called Bangkok “city of coffee”. ? In addition, when starting to read books about coffee by foreign experts, their common perception is that Vietnamese coffee is only used to make instant coffee and will never achieve good quality. .

There is a bit of regret about it, but then I wonder, why? If Japanese people cannot produce coffee but their coffee culture is very high, the world’s most expensive coffees are consumed in Japan. In Korea, the government of this country has set up a coffee academy, and there are many training programs, specialty coffee shops are growing more and more, then Taiwan, Malaysia, China, etc. All Neither of these countries has the traditional “history and history” of growing coffee as long as Vietnam, they cannot even produce coffee but most have to import from Africa and South America to roast and preparation. So why are they behind but their coffee culture far exceeds Vietnamese?

Through a long time of studying and wandering around Bangkok’s pubs, I saw Thai people coming to Japan and learning a lot from Japanese in the way of “making coffee”, then over time, the barista Thailand created. Private style for their coffee. If viewed fairly, Vietnamese coffee makers are also fully capable of doing so, it is important to change thinking and then take it as a starting point.

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