Watermelon-Rose Sangria

Sangria is a famous drink originated in Spain, usually consisting of wine, chopped fruit, sweetener and a small amount of alcohol. This drink is very popular with both Spaniards and Portuguese. Sangria comes from “Sangre”, Spanish for “blood”, because the red color is the characteristic of this drink. Someone has compared Sangria as the woman in love: sweet, fascinating, and very passionate. Sangria has hundreds of different recipes, depending on the taste and taste of each person, which is varied in many ways. Chiasewiki.com guide you how to mix some of the most popular and delicious Sangria. If you are a fan of alcoholic beverages, do not miss out on these great Sangria recipes

Please note the recipe of WATERMELON ROSE SANGRIA

Materials to prepare Watermelon Rose Sangria

To make four cups of Watermelon Rose Sangria, you need to prepare the following ingredients

Ingredients used to make Sangria

A bottle of rose wine
240 ml of Vodka
A small watermelon
A white diameter
A cocktail shaker
Four glass chillies are available
Material used for decoration

Four fresh mint spikes
Part 2: Make the Watermelon Rose Sangria

Wash the fresh mint sprouts
Pineapple washed clean, cut out four slices to separate use for decoration. The remaining seeds are filtered and chopped into small pieces. Keep some watermelon on a press machine to squeeze watermelon juice.
Pour rose wine, vodka, watermelon juice and ice sugar into a cocktail shaker and shake the mixture for about one minute until the sugar is completely dissolved in the mixture.
Pour the mixture into four glass jars, using watermelon slices, watermelon slices and fresh mint spheres to decorate your beautiful and attractive sangria glasses.

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