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How to make Bellini Moctail

Bellini is a special cocktail made from roasted peaches, Bellini originated from the city of Venta, Italy. Bellini’s main ingredients include Prosecco cold wine and freshly grilled fresh peaches, pureed by Giuseppe Cipriani. Here’s how to make a delicious, most attractive cocktail.

Preparation of materials:

– 4 peaches

– 1 lemon

– A tps of sugar

– 2 tps of Mazola Corn Oil

– 750ml Prosecco:

– Ice

Guided steps to prepare cocktail Bellini:

Step 1: Prepare raw materials

+ Fresh peaches are cut in half and seeded.

+ Clean fresh lemon and cut in half

Step 2: Prepare a small bowl of Mazola oil and mix well

Step 3: After the mixture is finished you use the brush to mix the cut in the cut into the lemon

Step 4: Next, you prepare the oven and heat it on medium level

+ When cooking hot you face the cut and cut lemon peel and grill for 3 minutes. Then peach and lemon from the grill. Leave a digging piece to decorate

Step 5: Then peel the peel of the newly baked, then put all into the puree.

+ Lemon squeezed water and then lemon juice, add two ice cubes into the milling machine.

Finally, put all the ingredients in the jar to the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes

Step 6: Present the finished product

+ You pour the water mixture into the cup, add Prosecco and stir

+ You can decorate the mouth with a piece of grilled peeled slices, then enjoy. Good luck!

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