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This is a fascinating book about coffee that you should know…

Coffee is an area where there are very few books and documents about it in the market. The reason is partly because the field is “not really” there are many things to write into many different types of books, partly due to the investment in learning techniques of roasting, espresso quite expensive, so no one wants to spend the sutras. my experience and knowledge to write down. It is also possible that when you were a barista, you had to work the whole day tired, the time to sit and write. Therefore, if you have a few famous books in the coffee industry on the shelf, it will take a long time for you to see new materials about coffee appear on the market. Fortunately, while walking at a bookstore in Mannila, I was fascinated by Liquid Education’s new book “Coffee – From bean to perfect brew”, without hesitation, I took it immediately. ie then pay out the checkout.
Liquid Education is an organization that teaches drinks in the United States, and to those who know a bit about coffee and Australia, coffee plays a role in being proud of the place as a basic dish to have. Australia. According to the old man, “coffee is gradually replacing tea as Australia’s optimal morning choice, coffee has kept the generations awake in difficult times, and through ups and downs. emotional depression. Perhaps that’s why it is understandable for Australians to have a book about coffee.

As soon as I open the book to see it, go through the table of contents and as expected, the content of the book also follows the pattern of other coffee books, that is to go from coffee history, coffee introduction, too Green particle processor, until grinding methods, blending tools, etc. So what is a different book like this and why do you have to buy it?
The book structure is very clear.

First, this is a clear structure book. Books are edited and designed very standard in terms of content framework and accompanying information (since I have learned about information design, I personally appreciate the layout of the book content). Looking at the table of contents, you will see that there are only two parts, from coffee beans to concoctions. If the author wants to “cover” all knowledge of coffee, then 150 pages will not be enough, in return, the author chooses the most basic information about coffee, then writes briefly so that those who are not knowledgeable about coffee Coffee can also comprehend quickly within a few hours.

It is clear that books do not write for professional barista, but they do not actively write for those who are interested in “superficial” with coffee because I myself have to read and re-read some important parts like roasting several times. , extraction & brewing, etc. From a certain point of view, I find it suitable for people like me, who have a passion, a little understanding of coffee and want someone to have a system of knowledge to help me.

Throughout the book, the author does NOT use an image, instead, 100% of the illustrations in the book are hand-drawn. From coffee beans, to coffee packs, mixing tools … all are arranged in a doodle form (this is a hand-drawn image on a computer) and this makes books about coffee not heavy, on the contrary, internal Its content is extremely beautiful and lively.

It is from such a presentation, up to the content of conveying, Coffee – From bean to perfect brew, that it is not a teaching book with recipes covered on the page that it is like a companion, helping Readers familiarize themselves with the coffee most gently. You will not be able to find the cortado recipe in this book nor can you find directions to famous cafes in Sydney, in exchange, the author wants to help you know how to choose good and good coffee beans. most to prepare at home. Besides, you are also somewhat knowledgeable about how to prepare the most suitable for your taste.

Painter illustrating the book, Daniella Germain provided illustrations with watercolors to create a gentle feel to the overall content. ‘Coffee’, through this book, is described as a perfect companion to us every morning. The book is suitable for those who begin to get used to coffee, wanting to learn about the values behind an amber coffee cup they still drink every day.

After all, I must confess, I bought the book because in part because it was beautiful. You can laugh when you read this line, but if you’ve ever wandered in the Bangkok coffee world, you’ll find their coffee comes with “art”. Like Japan, Thai people learned from Japanese friends very quickly to bring beauty and art into their cafes. Why? because coffee is an experience, a relaxation, is to find a space in which you can see this life is much more livable.

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