Write about American coffee culture from Philadelphia

Knowing coffee and studying coffee culture in the US also means what I know about the things that make an American coffee culture, and until you have the coffee bag brought from America I just learned more about Philadelphia. Perhaps like the coffee culture in Philadelphia, Miamy is much more powerful than Hanoi and this is the most roaming initiated country in Western North America.

Until we took in the fresh packages of Philadelphia coffee, we had a chance to learn more about coffee there and many cupping experiences and experiences. One of the most popular examples of Philadelphia coffee you can find on YouTube with many clips sharing this region’s coffee culture as well as a roasting place, not just coffee shop.

We chose to enjoy some types of coffee at the same time on a Sunday morning immediately after receiving 4 packages of coffee from the US. Two packs of Sterling and one pack of Philadelphia Roasting Coffee. If Sterling’s coffee packs are packed in standard 250gr with full information about roasting dates, tasting notes, etc., the huge Philadelphia Roasting Coffee coffee weighing up to 340gr and … no information What more than roasting level? Looking through the information on the packaging, we don’t see how tasting notes and how long the coffee is roasted, let’s “play” with Sterling first 😉 Here are the pictures of our experience.

Experimenting with Sterling coffee is an experience with many surprises. Coffee roasted from the beginning of April, but when it came to our hands, it was about mid-April still keeping the fresh taste, and because the origin is single, the coffee beans are very uniform, the color is a deep brown color of the full city roast.

The roasted coffee is so good that when you grind it by hand, you will need to use a little more effort and will probably feel a little tired. In the process of grinding is also the time you feel the full flavor of coffee in South America flooded the room.

In Philadelphia, it was very cold in the winter, so barista there often brewed coffee with a high water temperature, from about 92oC to 95oC so that when preparing, the temperature in the air to cool the water did not affect much the process. extraction of coffee.

According to the introduction of some barista in Philadelphia, coffee when it comes to the handler often goes through 3 stages of processing: 1 is to process from cherry to coffee beans, 2 is roasting (grean to brown bean), and 3 is the preparation process. Philadelphia’s roaster coffee has traveled to coffee plantations throughout Africa, South America to participate in the collection, selection, and cupping process from which to produce quality coffee beans with farmers. highest.

With Philadelphia people and Americans who understand coffee in general, enjoying coffee and drip has different levels. When it is finished, the coffee is still hot, most of you will feel the aroma of mostly aromatic coffee. After that, take the time to wait for the coffee to cool down, until it is 80oC, then 70oC, and lower than 50oC, you will feel more different, richer and more diverse. In other words, you can “taste different coffee flavors in multiple layers”.

It can be said that coffee is a perfect connection. Whether you are in Philadelphia or Hanoi, you can feel the flavors from around the world through coffee. With Sterling is Brazil, El Salvador, Rwanda, Peru … with Philadelphia Roasting is Costa Rica and coffee beans from more places. One day, we hope that we can set foot in Philadelphia, Oregon, then bring back to Hanoi many kinds of famous roastery coffee, and hopefully, Ha Noi will have more coffee roaster “floating. “Up in years.

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