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Talk about the idea of setting up a coffee club at my office

After the internet community appeared an article about the recent “brewing coffee” trend, I suddenly recalled the first days I brought arabica coffee to the office. At that time, people still had the habit of drinking instant coffee, or at the very least, going to Doi Can street to order a glass of “brown stone”. Coffee with everyone then simply “where is the same”.

However, my boss supported specialty coffee and always said: “Can you give me a genuine cup of coffee?” … So from that, the idea of building a club (club) Coffee at the office was born.

In the early days, I was diligently mixing a recipe without any thermometers, scale scales or any exact measurement unit. After that, I switched to using French press because it is closer to people (If switching from Vietnamese coffee to V60, immediately the drinker will see thin and pale). After more than a year, having conveyed the knowledge about coffee to the brothers in the club, from water temperature, coffee roasting, mixing, timing, “extraction” stage, etc. all of us. unanimously switch to pour over.

Going back to pour over is not easy because people are not familiar, tools are lacking, everyone agrees to “order” a kit from Amazon Japan to Vietnam so that the preparation process is standardized. . Until today, we have pushed everything like:

– Thermometer
– Jewellery scales
– V60 of Kalita (porcelain), and MrCoffee (plastic)
– Pearl Metal pouring bottle
– 500ml type container

Thus, it can be said that my company coffee club has enough tools for mixing pour over in standard way outside of 2-3 tools French press.

Besides the equipped equipment, the coffee club here (with 7 members) has trained 3 people with blending knowledge with both French press and V60. Most of you are also familiar with the process of making and quality coffee in the world such as Guatemala, Columbia, Rwanda, etc.

After 2 years of familiarizing with specialty coffee, the tasting ability of the members has also increased remarkably. Instead of just feeling because of the bitter characteristic of Robusta coffee before, people now distinguish the sour, smoke, almond, grass, lemon, orange … etc. Everyone about coffee is also somewhat stricter with poor quality coffees, dotted cafes are no longer Open Digital’s choice.

When you have spent time for coffee a long enough distance, those who have been participating in Open Digital Coffee Club have mastered the principles of concoction such as:

Water temperature and water quality.
Time of preparation, time of “meeting” coffee.
The degree of roasting and taste of Arabica coffee types
Preparation process with French press and V60
The process of blooming and extraction of coffee.
Cultivation characteristics of Arabica
..v.v ..
The members, over time, also began to ask various questions regarding the taste and flavor of each type of coffee, how to prepare it, as well as to discuss the differences between Arabica lines in the World. .

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