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Coffee and some of memorable mornings

Sometimes in this life, They¬†often say that, in order to remember something, you need to have a connection between nerve cells, from feeling, to perception, forming junctions, days day after day it needs to be stronger … turn it into the wrinkles of the mind, the emotional intelligence of people.

My nostalgia today is dawn, because suddenly I just remember the mornings and coffee, as a journey, from long trips, times alone, to peaceful days and A small family, has a roof of its own.

For me, the sound in the morning when I woke up in my early days was the sound of the big brother, the sound of betel was retired by my grandmother, the sound urged people to wake up from their father, then Dad hurriedly prepared to go to lecture class, then the small explosion of a fire stove when she sat to fix the cooking oil, the smell of commercial rice, the smell of rice, warm and sweet.

There were early mornings, I turned myself sleepily trying to open my eyes by the buzzing sound from the phone alarm bell, telling myself to try to sleep a little more, a little bit … but then the sound outside the street, the people who speak in the market, buy and sell, the sound of pushing cars, the horns of the cars … the sound of the ward is emitted from the electric pole, very soon, it makes me not lazy anymore, trying to stretch and sit up to greeting the new day. It was my home day in Bach Khoa lane. These are the days when life always begins with all kinds of sounds that are not separate. So people are hustling, so noisy.

In the morning, there were many thunderstorms in Saigon, or dark clouds from far away, so I hurriedly launched a motorbike from Tan Binh District to District 1, hoping I could reach my cafe. favorite before the rain comes. Sometimes it is a habit to drink some caffeine before going to work. A cup of coffee, sometimes instead of breakfast.

In Nha Trang, the days of traveling as a project lasted for a year, in the morning were loaves of bread, soup bowls and then special cups of Me Trang coffee. For me, that day coffee must be bold, strong, must be intertwined, must be smelled of butter and aromatic milk.

In Africa, you won’t find a nice coffee shop. You may wonder? Why is there a lot of famous coffee growing land on a continent without many coffee shops like in Vietnam? Because their lives do not have much time to “sit” to drink coffee for hours, because they live on the hard-growing coffee trees but when they sell it, it is not much. like Vietnamese people with rice. In Africa, I had the days to welcome myself with instant coffee boxes just to see that my eyes did not collapse. Coffee in human origin, is to dispel sleepiness.

Waking up this morning, looking through the small crib by the bed, the baby smiled and smiled, listening to the boiled water, the crunching sound of manual coffee grinder by hand, I felt refreshed. Happiness is sometimes curled up in blankets, lazy to listen to every step of his wife, awakened himself every time, grind every fresh coffee beans, mix with warm water with a French press on the table.

Happiness is when you step out of the bedroom, you feel the sweet coffee flavor, the taste of the earth, the taste of nature, branches, grass. There are also many times the taste of honey or cherry with a little sour glaze …

There will be a lot of mornings like this, when you wake up, what you most want to see is that you are at home, there is a warm cup of coffee on the table, you see the steam … feel lucky. Coffee at home is a feeling of love

When coffee aroma spreads throughout the room, you will believe, this is a warm place, where someone cares and gives you the sweetest thing every morning. The house is a happy place.

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