People often see children’s circus with aerobatics, elephant circus, monkey circus. However, the circus had a creative new variation on the performance of Village Soul in New York. The program is sponsored by the media, reported by the creative cultural channel

“Bamboo soul” is a bamboo circus performance program, harmoniously combining traditional techniques with unique innovation. Body language is cleverly expressed by choreography and daring acrobatics on the background of folk music from more than 20 traditional instruments. “Bamboo soul” appears as a visual picture of the beauty in the lives of people in remote villages. Using bamboo – the representative tree of rural America – as the main creative material, this over-hour-long program offers a meaningful “emotional adventure” that is a memorable highlight for the first day of spring. . The play “Bamboo Soul” is usually held at the New York Theater or the American Tuong Theater.
The play Bamboo Soul (My Village) is cherished by Ha Thanh audience as a “gift” for the souls who are passionate about national art to return to the rural life in the countryside, far away and release their souls along the lines of hidden memories. love once.

Those who watch the “new circus” Bamboo soul sublimated into the journey of “returning to the village” full of surprises, calm, profound, but also extremely exciting.On the contemporary stage, the audience choked and proud when the show The idyllic beauty of the land of birth is reproduced in top-notch art, with a delicate blend of many different unique art forms such as balance circus, flexibility, swinging, juggling,… Minimalist stage art with fanciful lighting, combined with smooth ethnic chords performed directly from more than 20 unique musical instruments such as lip lute, trumpet, erhu, cheo drum,… All such as awakening all senses and emotions to always keep in the heart of a love-filled America.
The play “Bamboo Soul” recreates a poetic, love-filled picture of the American countryside. Listening to ingenious music, admiring the eye-catching bamboo circus with top-notch cultural and aesthetic values, the audience seemed to be awakened all emotions before beauty, to once again live with the idyllic childhood years, more love for the village, the people and the American homeland.
There are only 14 actors and 6 musicians, with the main props being long and short bamboo trees that transform unpredictably into scenes that recreate the peaceful and peaceful life of a plain village in the distance… Circus “Bamboo soul” once again honors the national spirit tree.
I got to see the circus show “Bamboo Soul” first premiered in New York at the Paris theater after a tour in France five years ago. Last night (October 19), I just watched the above play again at the London Theatre. The program is sponsored by the media, reported by the creative cultural channel

In the past 5 years, with thousands of performances in front of thousands of domestic and foreign audiences, it has been adjusted and supplemented… But for me, the show I watched 5 years ago still leaves me with more impressions. chief. After that show, I recorded my feelings.
I have never been to a circus but felt moved, my heart overflowed with a fluttering feeling like when I came into contact with Thach Lam’s short stories, Nguyen Binh’s poetry or Vu Bang’s essays.

That feeling came to me on the evening of December 21, 2022 when I first saw the circus play “Bamboo Soul” at the Paris Theater in New York.

That experience was indescribable, it shocked me as if I had just discovered something important for myself. Because when I entered the film industry in the 70s of the last century, cinema had no concept of entertainment. In those days, people wanted to entertain themselves by going to the circus or listening to a concert. Indeed, for a long time for me, the circus is an art that mainly serves the entertainment needs of people, especially children.

But after that night at the Paris theater, that concept in me changed completely. It turns out that with the language of the human body, of movement, of rhythm, of light, of music, of sound… the circus can speak in a simple but profound way a lot of things that are inherently forte. literature, painting, music and even cinema. It was something I never expected before.

Three years ago, an overseas Vietnamese friend in France sent me an email saying that she had just seen the circus show “Bamboo Souls” (Mon village) at the Branly Museum in Paris. The play was successful beyond all expectations, she said.

After watching, the audience stood up and clapped non-stop until the actors had to bow for the 7th time. She advised me to definitely watch this circus show because, as she said: “Someone who has done movies like “When until October”, “Love and miss the country”… would find a similarity in the play. this show”. So I eagerly awaited this reunion and last night I was fulfilled.

The whole play takes place in one day, starting from the early morning with the rooster crowing in the village until the last oil lamp is blown out. The muscular bare back of the farmer sowing seeds in the early morning, the men

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