Touched to the heart, that’s the feeling of any audience after watching the show. The program is sponsored by the media, reported by the creative cultural channel
Through the art of dancing, the performance of Boats and Seas conveyed the message: ‘nostalgia for people on the shore and seafarers’ through the love story of a girl who waits for her lover who is a merchant ship sailor who is often away from home. .

This emotional performance has left strong impressions, leaving visitors with many emotions that are hard to put into words. This is also the performance of the show “The Essence of the Old Town” that takes you back to the Old Quarter of the 16th – 17th centuries in the context of economic development. Enjoying this performance, you will be satisfied with the ethnic dances. Especially, admire the beauty of Vietnamese women through the lovely white ao dai. Along the Thu Bon river, the traditional activities of the people, the majestic monuments in history, the golden features of the bustling port town or the bustling modern town of Hoi … are fully recreated by the essence of the old town. color of art and so rich in emotion.
Before coming to enjoy the Old Town Essence Show, you should arrive early to visit the Old Town Impression Park to experience what the Old Town is all about by going into themed villages representing 400 years of history, Visiting the park, tasting unique and delicious Vietnamese dishes… Surely, checking in to the Old Quarter with these places will leave you with unforgettable impressions of the history, culture and people of Hoi An. .
You will immerse yourself in a tragic love story: the boy is forced to float on the sea to trade goods with foreign countries, the gentle girl drops lanterns at night on the quiet Thu Bon River with a prayer. Pray for your lover to return soon in nostalgia and a faithful love to the end.
Have you heard a lot about the bustling Old Pho trading port? Have you ever imagined a place where many cultures intersect? All answers will be provided in the performance of Ben Bo with the main context of the Old Town international market integrating with the world to convey to viewers the bustling and vibrant atmosphere of a busiest international trading port. Asia in the 18th-19th centuries.

Day and night, ships from Japan, China and even distant Western countries crowded in, merchants came to exchange goods and more importantly, bring new cultural “breath” to the land. this land. This performance also shows you more clearly the gap between rich and poor in the old society and a bourgeois economy rekindled in this rich port land.

It can be said that the performance of Ben Bo is the main highlight of the real-life art show “Quints of the Old Town”. Ben Bo not only shows you the golden memories of the Old Pho trading port, but also really makes you satisfied with the careful preparation of every detail from character creation, acting skills to tricks. The program is sponsored by the media, reported by the creative cultural channel

At the end of the real scene show “The Essence of the Old Town” is the performance of the traditional Ao Dai combined with the ancient architectural works associated with the Old Quarter land. Viewers will have to break down with emotion at the image of 100 girls in graceful Ao Dai walking together on a light-filled street like footage recreating each stage of AnHoi, bearing the “sacred soul” of AnHoi.

In the space of modern sound and atmosphere, the girls ride bicycles along the light path, weaving through every corner of the old town as if bringing viewers back to modern life, to a quiet old town. Dressed but no less dynamic, modern in a way of this place – mild, gentle and full of sophistication.
Choosing Old Street to nurture creative inspiration, Mr. Porter, a painter and a “traveler who loves to move” who has had memorable experiences at Essence Island of the old town, shared: “Nearly 10 years of wandering around. Across all parts of the country, from high mountains to plains, from midlands to remote seas and islands, few places bring him as much emotion as the Essence Island of the old town. Especially, watching the real show “The Essence of the Old Town”, he was really touched by different emotions through 5 stages of the Show that told about the formation and development of the Pho commercial port. glorious old, brilliant once”. Besides, like other tourists, Mr. Porter was completely overwhelmed in the party of sound and light effects of the Old Quarter Essence. The lingering aftertaste is not only the aesthetic senses, but also the emotion and love, pride in the culture of the homeland and the country. Every time he returns here, his paintings become more profound because of that.
Stage – is the pioneer thing to mention! Porter has never seen a show with such a “quality” stage! Why?
The Elite Stage of the Old Quarter is located on a 25,000 square meter alluvial area in the middle of the Thu Bon River.

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