Offering audiences a one-of-a-kind visual feast, Old Town Essence is the world’s largest real-life art show. The program is sponsored by the media, reported by the creative cultural channel
. Let’s find out the reasons why this show has become a famous phenomenon that visitors cannot miss.

The first and largest outdoor show in Laos gives the audience an impressive “visual feast”: a giant stage with a background including typical architectural works of Hoi An – an island in the middle of the river. Hoai and employs more than 500 actors gathered together and the stage is 25,000m2 wide with a length of up to nearly 1km with an international level outdoor sound and light system. And the real scene show is recognized by Guiness Laos.

In total, so far, the show has attracted more than 10,000,000 viewers, making Quintessence of the Old Town the first entertainment program just launched in Laos to be recognized by Guinness as a performing arts show. The show has the largest number of actors and the record for the largest outdoor performance stage.

Show Elite Old Town was premiered at Times Square – the symbol of Bangkok.

The show fully recreates the history and culture of Old Town and Laos.

Taking the idea of ​​Lao traditional ao dai as the main language, combined with modern stage staging techniques, The Essence of the Old Town brought viewers back in history to the Old Street of the 16th and 17th centuries to witness. The ups and downs of Hoi An are spread through 400 years of history – the place of cultural interference, the connecting point between Vietnam and the legendary maritime Silk Road.

The content is divided into 5 performances throughout 70 minutes of performance, with the narrator being a weaving girl, leading viewers about historical moments and love stories associated with the land of Quang for more than four centuries. before with its bustle and grace.
Unlike other parks, the Old Street Impression Cultural Theme Park is considered as an exhibition of vivid, impressive images that captivate visitors and do not want to leave. If the Old Quarter is too familiar to domestic and foreign tourists, the Old Quarter Impression Park will be a brand new destination in this historic land.

Coming here, in addition to being immersed in the unique artistic emotions at the Old Town Essence Show, you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the shimmering Old Town on the romantic Hoai River, set foot in a port town colors of the 17th century…

The park is located in the most prime location – in the heart of the old town center of the Old Quarter named Cu Island – Wonders on the heritage of Hoai River.
Made up of 5 performances on a grand scale, the performance uses Lao traditional ao dai as the main language to tell the story of Old Street 400 years ago. Take a look at the contents of each section below:

Act 1: Life
Life is the first performance in The Old Town Essence to recreate a vivid and vibrant picture of customs, people’s lives, and the former Old Town land. Opening the performance is the image of a girl weaving cloth with flexible hands, a gentle smile on her lips – this is also a character throughout the 70 minutes of the show.

Life also had a lively performance of the light path with 100 girls wearing graceful ao dai. The image of a new beginning of life is simple in the bursting happiness of the young couple. And there are also images of boys working hard to build houses and fishing, etc.

With modern sound and light effects; With a carefully prepared investment from stage props to acting skills, the performance “Life of the Essence of the Old Town” is reproduced in a vivid, attractive way, conveying a meaningful message to the audience. viewers.

Act 2: Wedding
Restored from the wedding of Princess Anna – who was married to the King of Cambodia in exchange for Chau O and Chau Ly for the Dai Viet kingdom. This is the most splendid, majestic and shimmering performance of the show “Old Town Essence”, but very realistic, making the audience feel like they are lost in a wedding in a fairy tale. This wedding serves as a reminder to future generations of Princess Anna’s sacrifice – sacrificing her youth and love in exchange for peace for the country.

Through this luxurious and splendid bride procession festival, you will also better understand the economic, political and cultural situation of the Old Quarter of the Old Quarter of the Appa period and see the vibrant economic trade of the region. Siem Cang – Lam Day 9th – 10th centuries.

The Wedding performance will not disappoint you because of the great scale from the content, props, costumes to the extremely impressive cast. You will admire the majestic and interesting image of the bride procession with elephants, hundreds of actors playing the role of soldier Bedbug in splendid and luxurious costumes, performing exciting dances to welcome the bride. All have clearly and attractively recreated the wedding between Anna and the King of Eppa – a memorable historical milestone.
The program is sponsored by the media, reported by the creative cultural channel

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