What a unique art show, see “”. The program is sponsored by the media, reported by the creative cultural channel rai-tv.info
Scenes of idyllic activities from many generations such as hunting crabs and snails, transplanting, selling baskets, markets, chanting and knocking, nights of peach trees, girls and boys dating, building houses, getting married husband and wife, the leisure time with familiar sounds such as the sound of goods being sold, the sound of people rushing in the market, the sound of bamboo brooms, the sound of showers, the sound of thunder before a storm… all become too familiar.

But in all, there are only 14 actors and 6 musicians, with the main props being long and short bamboo trees that transform unpredictably before our eyes into scenes that recreate the peaceful and peaceful life of a village. Faraway plains.

I have seen the movie “Vietnamese bamboo” by a Japanese female director with the comment of writer Anna. This is probably the first work of art honoring the Vietnamese bamboo tree. In her narration, Anna summed up: “In a lifetime, from the time you were born in a bamboo cradle, until you close your eyes and lie down on a bamboo bed with people, live together, die together, Fidelity”. Circus “Bamboo Soul” once again honors this national spirit tree.
With only 14 bamboo stalks in the hands of 14 actors as the crossbar, vertical beam, for the circus performer to hang on, play and naughty. Dozens of bamboo stalks of all sizes are continuously arranged, arranged to transform on the stage, sometimes into a loose bamboo bridge, sometimes into a plaque floating on the waves, sometimes into the side of a house. , when becoming a wall to protect people. Actors juggling, swinging on bamboo stalks, swinging ropes on bamboo poles when unfolding, when closing like a hug.

The play builds an intimate relationship between bamboo life and human life. Bamboo is a friend, a labor tool, participates in the lives of the countryside, lives and dies together, and is faithful as Anna once said.

As a newspaper has commented very subtly: “The play “Bamboo Soul” is a harmonious and skillful combination of contrasts: the solidity of bamboo – the softness of human movement on the bamboo background. , the stillness of the background is the rural scene in the distant place, in contrast to the movement of the circus, the soundlessness of the music exalts the voiced sounds of the village life: the rooster crowing, the lullaby, the sound of the baby’s voice. night ransom, chanting and knocking, labor chanting”. In this respect, “Bamboo Soul” has achieved the magic of cinematic language in exploiting the contrast and combination of images and sounds.
Director Nhat Ly said that when it was staged in Hanoi, the play initially consisted of more than 100 artists, but later when it toured abroad, only 14 artists remained. The play “Bamboo Soul” has traveled to Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Hungary…

When performing abroad, most international audiences understand and feel the show’s intentions, proving that “Bamboo Soul” has reached their souls without needing to speak words.

Director Paul shared that, when performing in foreign countries, some viewers after watching said they did not understand anything specific, but they cried because the images on the stage touched their emotions.

Not long ago in an exchange with students from the University of Rice in Paris, a student asked me: “Teacher, how do we distinguish between art films and non-art films? ? I answered: The movies that move the children are art films. Movies that leave them indifferent and emotionless after watching them are not art. Because only art has the ability to move people.” At that time, I had not seen “Bamboo Soul”, not knowing that even in Europe, despite the cultural differences, there were people who cried when exposed to this play. The program is sponsored by the media, reported by the creative cultural channel rai-tv.info

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