It is very difficult to change a mindset shaped in Vietnamese coffee drinking culture, everyone understands this, because Robusta coffee blends, with condensed milk (black ice or brown stone) already exists. hundred years here. If we want to talk about change, we can hope for the younger generation later, but if we don’t do anything,


Along with the development of large coffee beverage systems such as Highland Coffe, Starbuck or AHA, Barista employees become jobs that are hunted with attractive salaries. Barista, also known as bartender, is a term derived from the West. As a bartender to describe the bartender, Barista is for artists who mix and create beautiful drinks


Bartender not only make their customers fascinated by mocktail glasses, colorful cocktails, fascinating but also by the skill of attracting, skilled. Flair Bartending is an advanced performer of the Bartender. Although the time and effort to spend a lot but once you hold this skill you will conquer the customer in any situation. Beginning in